Queen City TNT at Area 15

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TNT for Haiti Relief

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What a great night!

TNT at the Coffee Garden was probably one of our best yet. We had 9 competitors throwing down head to head style. Al and Gail Besiegel shared their touching story of being on the ground during the massive earthquake in Haiti just a month ago. We managed to raise $400 for Partners in Health. Thanks to all the competitors, judges, sponsors, and especially the Besiegels for making this such a successful event. Our competitors were Kyle Mueller, Sarah Mueller, Ben Alleman, Issac Stroupe, Brady Butler, Brad Benson, Lauren Petri, Corey Gaston, and Brent Hall. We look forward to having more events in the future. So keep an eye out for more to come.


TNT and Haiti Relief

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2009 Year End Wrap Up

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What a year. As the holidays come to full swing things get a little chaotic in the Charlotte area. So, I apologize for the gap in posts. I resolve to blog more, and take more photos for 2010 to keep you informed to the best of my informing abilities!

Holy City and Queen City TNT’s were awesome events this month. Queen City TNT was held at Counter Culture Coffee’s Training Center in Charlotte. The air was not working, so things started a little heated. With the comfort of some Ole Meck ale and some serious latte pouring, no one noticed it was 85 degrees.  Below are just a few of the pours from the competition.  2010 should bring even better competition and pours.

picture-78 picture-85 picture-86 picture-77

Holy City TNT was held at Caviar and Bananas in Charleston, SC.  2 rounds of pours.  The 1st round was free choice of cup, 2nd round had everyone pouring 6 oz lattes to even the playing field.  Here are the pours!


2009 was a good year in Coffee.  SCAA in Atlanta was a blast, SERJ in Charlotte broke ground on the South East Community, and now more people than ever are getting involved.  2010 will surely be a better year as we continue to grow as an industry and a community.

Happy Holidays and New Years everyone.  Travel safely, and I will see you next year!


Charlotte Coffee Community

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Queen City TNT

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SERJ Flyer

Holy City TNT Results

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Hello everyone,

It was a nail biting competition in Charleston this month as baristas from are shops tossed their tip money in for a chance at the pot.  Brad Brooks and Chris McHale took the sweep with the top two slots.  Brent Hall came in third place.

Here are the pours:

Picture 74

Picture 75

Picture 76



Charlotte Coffee Community

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